Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Ontario Gambling, referred to as "us," "our," or "we" in this privacy policy, runs the website and will hereby be referred to as the "Service".

On this page, you will find out how we collect, use and store user data and what policies are in effect to ensure the security and safety of this information.

By using the Service, you consent to the collection of your data and other information that the service may use as it deems appropriate in improving the overall experience. The rules in this policy are subject to change at any time without prior notice. All registered users of the website will be informed of the said changes when they occur.


Here are the terms frequently used in this privacy policy. Users accessing the service should be aware of what these terms mean.

Use and Collection of Information

On, we will collect and store a number of data points. This information will only be used to provide the service efficiently and to improve the service already offered to the users.

Types of Data Collected

When a user accesses the service, personal data will be collected. This will be the information used to identify the user and will include, among other things:

Personal data collected from the users will be used for marketing purposes, including sending users newsletters, promotions, and other literature to enhance their gaming experience. These will be sent from time to time. Users can unsubscribe from any of the service’s marketing lists by following the instructions at the bottom of the email they receive.

Usage Data collected by the service includes the IP address of the device used to access the website, including device identifiers, tracking of user activity on the website, duration of every visit to the website with time stamps, and other diagnostic data that may aid the service in improving the user experience.

The service uses cookies to track and improve user experience. Besides cookies, the service also uses scripts, beacons, and tags to keep track of information exchanged between the website and a user’s web browser. Upon visiting the website for the first time, users will be prompted to accept all cookies or to select certain ones. If a user does not accept cookies, it is possible the website will load slower, and some components of the website may not work.

Here are some examples of the cookies we use:

Use of Personal Data on

The service will collect, use and store personal data for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

Legal Basis for Processing Data

This privacy policy and the use of, collection of, and storage of user data mentioned herein will be binding on all users, including users from the European Economic Area. The service will process personal data for a number of reasons, including:

Data Retention

Users’ data will be collected and stored by the service for as long as it is relevant to the stated objectives of this privacy policy. We keep the data to comply with law enforcement, settle legal disputes, and enforce contractual agreements.

Periodically, Ontario Gambling also uses the data for its own research to improve the security and performance functionality of the service. Personal Data will be kept longer than Usage Data, but in instances where we are mandated by law, usage data will be kept for a certain amount of time.

Transfer of Data to Offshore Servers

Any information given to the service, including personal data, can be transferred to servers outside a user's state, country, or jurisdiction, where data protection laws may differ. The data will always be processed in accordance with local laws and regulations. Consenting to this privacy policy, a user agrees to process and transfer data to offshore servers. Ontario Gambling will always ensure the safety of data transfer and will not forward user information to any organization that does not comply with stringent safety protocols.

Disclosure of Data

The service will be obliged to share or disclose user data under certain circumstances. These include:

Guarantee of Data Security

Ontario Gambling continues to take the utmost steps to ensure users’ data security. We employ relevant safety protocols to safeguard all the data on our servers. However, given the rise in cyber threats, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee of security at all times.

User Rights under Data Protection Act

Users from the European Economic Area can exercise their right to data protection. If the personal data held by the service requires correction, the service will facilitate the request. If a user wants to know what personal data is being kept by the service, they can request the service to reveal said information.

Users can make the following requests under data protection rights:

Before responding to some of the abovementioned requests, the service may ask users to confirm their identity. The user may, at any time, file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority if they feel their data is being misused or mishandled.

Use of Service Providers

Ontario Gambling, exercising its discretion, may hire third-party service providers to support and assist with certain performance functions of the service. These service providers will have access to limited user data pertaining to the task they are employed by the service to undertake. The third-party service providers will be bound under this policy not to disclose or share any user data.

Use of Analytics

The service may use Clicky, a web analytics software, to track user activity, specifically how users interact with the service components (website pages). The service may perform periodic analytics or audits using this information to improve user experience.

Use of Advertising

Users will see advertisements being run on the service by third-party. The service uses ads to earn revenue, which is then used to maintain the service quality and improve the overall user experience.

Accessing Third-Party Links

On the service, users will find links to our partner sites or sites that Ontario Gambling now own and operate. Users who click on any third-party link will be directed to that website. We recommend users read the terms and conditions of this privacy policy and the terms of every website they visit through links on the website. We do not have any control over the content of linked / third-party sites, nor do we take responsibility for anything users do while visiting such websites.

Protecting the Privacy of Minors

In accordance with the laws, the service will not be accessible to anyone under the age of 18. No information will be collected or stored by the service of anyone under the legal age, i.e. 18 years. If a user, a parent, or a guardian, becomes aware of anyone under the legal age using the service, they are requested to contact Ontario Gambling immediately. Our support team will ensure the swift removal of said users and their personal information from our servers.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The service reserves the right to change the privacy policy at any time. All users of the service will be informed about policy changes and when the said changes are to go into effect. The new policy will be sent to users' personal email and notified on the website. Users are strongly advised to look over any or all policy changes.

Contact Us

Users can contact the support team if they have further questions regarding the security and usage of the information we collect and store. The support team is fully conversant with all the policy matters, including policy changes, and will be able to address all your queries relevant to the privacy policy.

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