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If you're travelling to Burlington and want to experience the local gambling opportunities, you can expect a diverse selection of games, high quality amenities, and a variety of other entertainment and dining options to keep you engaged. In addition to the gambling, you will also find opportunties for sightseeing and tourism. The area is known for its beautiful hiking trails, and cultural experiences such as museums and art galleries.

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Must-Visit Casinos in Burlington

Burlington may not have dozens of gambling establishments, but it still has some high-end establishments you can check out. They are must-visit destinations for those looking to experience the thrill of chance.

Signature Dining & Entertainment

Beyond the gaming floors, Burlington's casinos offer many dining and entertainment options that promise to delight even the most discerning guests.

Best Casino Restaurants in Burlington

While Burlington itself may not house casino restaurants, the surrounding areas boast exquisite dining experiences. Elements Casino Mohawk, for instance, is home to the Mohawk Harvest Kitchen, where the fusion of fine dining and the thrill of harness racing creates an unparalleled ambiance.

The GR8 Burger Company offers handcrafted burgers with a gourmet twist, while the Trackside Bar and Patio is an ideal spot for a refreshing drink with a view of the racing action. Guest reviews often laud these establishments for their exceptional service, quality of food, and the vibrant atmosphere they provide.

Nightlife and Bars: Where to Unwind

For those seeking to unwind, the nightlife and bars in and around Burlington's casinos offer a variety of experiences. From the pulsating dance floors of Club 54 Nightclub to the intimate ambiance of The Martini House, there's a venue for every mood.

The Island Nightclub Patio Bar and The Judge and Jury are just a few locales where guests can enjoy a nightcap or the company of friends. Each establishment offers its unique blend of drinks, music, and late-night entertainment, providing the perfect close to an exhilarating day at the gambling establishments.

Staying in Burlington: Accommodations Guide

Visitors to Burlington have a diverse range of accommodations, ensuring comfort and convenience regardless of their budget or preferences.

Luxury Casino Resorts and Their Amenities

While Burlington does not feature luxury casino resorts, the surrounding areas offer lavish escapes for those seeking the quintessential gambling experience. Resorts like Casino Rama and Fallsview Casino Resort, a short drive away, provide guests with various amenities designed to pamper and please.

Guests can indulge in deluxe accommodations, relish in various dining options, rejuvenate in full-service spas, and enjoy a wealth of entertainment right at their fingertips. The convenience of staying at these resorts is unparalleled, with every need catered to, allowing guests to focus on the thrill of the game and the pleasure of relaxation.

Budget-Friendly Stays Near the Casino

Burlington also offers several affordable accommodations. The Waterfront Hotel Downtown and Comfort Inn are among the budget-friendly options that are balanced with quality and comfort. These establishments are praised for their proximity to local attractions and their commendable service, as reflected in guest reviews. With the added benefit of being close to gaming venues, these hotels ensure that guests enjoy the full gambling experience without financial strain.

Experience Local Charm: B&Bs and Inns

Burlington's bed and breakfasts and inns offer a personalized stay imbued with local charm and hospitality. Establishments like the Carmen Elisabeth Lake House and Rose Arden Bed & Breakfast offer guests a unique and intimate experience. With their distinctive character, attentive service, and local knowledge, these accommodations offer more than just a place to sleep - they offer a gateway to the heart of Burlington's culture and community.

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Beyond Gaming: Exploring Burlington

As visitors indulge in the thrill of gambling in Ontario, the city of Burlington also offers a variety of experiences that extend far beyond the casino floors. This vibrant area is a treasure trove of attractions, offering a rich blend of historical, natural, and cultural wonders.

Tourist Attractions Near Casinos

Just a stone's throw away from the bustling casinos, Burlington's historical sites and natural wonders await exploration. The Joseph Brant Museum, a modern homage to the city's agricultural beginnings and current diversity, and the Ireland House Museum offering insights into the lives of early settlers, are historical treasures that provide a deeper understanding of the region's past.

For nature lovers, the Shelburne Museum and ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, offer unique experiences, while Cherry Hill Gate is a picturesque retreat for hikers. The Hendrie Park within the Royal Botanical Gardens is a natural sanctuary for those seeking tranquillity.

The Fletcher Free Library stands as a significant cultural landmark, while the Art Gallery of Burlington draws over 100,000 visitors annually with its artistic guilds.

Moreover, Canada’s Largest Ribfest not only tantalizes the taste buds but also contributes significantly to the city's economy, drawing crowds from far and wide. The convenience of combining a visit to the gambling establishments with these local explorations offers an all-encompassing experience for tourists.

Local Events & Festivals Worth Checking Out

Burlington's calendar is dotted with events and festivals that reflect the city's vibrant spirit. From the Fall Harvest Fests celebrating the land's bounty to the Winter Wonderland that transforms the city into a festive paradise, there's a seasonal festival for every interest. Maple syrup festivities mark spring in Burlington, while summer boasts the Sound of Music Festival, one of Ontario’s top 100 festivals and Canada’s largest free music festival.

Cultural celebrations are also a huge part of Burlington's community life, with events like the Remembrance Day Procession and Ceremonies, Fire Prevention Week, and National Seniors’ Day. These events not only offer entertainment but also foster a sense of community and celebration of Burlington's diverse culture.

Shopping and Leisure Spots in Burlington

Away from the casino tables, Burlington unfolds as a shopper's haven with districts like Downtown Burlington and Mapleview Centre, each offering a unique shopping experience. Downtown Burlington is a harmonious blend of history, commerce, and scenic beauty, while Mapleview Centre caters to those with a penchant for upscale retail therapy.

For leisure and relaxation, Burlington does not disappoint. The Waterfront Trail invites adventurers to explore its 1600km expanse, while the Royal Botanical Gardens is a testament to plant diversity and conservation.

Spencer Smith Park offers a waterfront escape with its beach and walking paths and is a hub for events like Burlington's Ribfest. With an array of golf courses, bars, clubs, and spas, Burlington caters to a wide spectrum of leisure activities, ensuring that every visitor finds their own slice of relaxation and enjoyment.


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