Best Hawkesbury Casinos: 2024 Guide for Ontario Players

The town of Hawkesbury in Ontario provides some distinct gambling opportunities for vistors and locals alike. At Hawkesbury casinos, patrons can play bingo, or even Vegas-style machine jackpots. In addition to the gambling, the town also provides a variety of fun events and attractions such as a jazz bar, local culture centers, and live shows.

List of Hawkesbury Casinos

Map of the Best Hawkesbury Casinos

Must-Visit Casinos in Hawkesbury

The town of Hawkesbury may not be able to offer the most diverse gambling experience, but it does have a unique gambling venue in the Delta Bingo and Gaming location.

Signature Dining & Entertainment in Hawkesbury Casinos

Visitors to Hawkesbury can try out a variety of culinary options that the casinos and the town have to offer.

Best Casino Restaurants in Hawkesbury

Among the most popular is the Red 7 Eatery at Delta Bingo, where guests can savor mouthwatering dishes in a welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant is complemented by a fully licensed bar, offering an assortment of beverages to suit any taste. The ambiance, combined with the positive guest reviews, positions Red 7 as a top recommendation for food enthusiasts visiting Hawkesbury.

Live Shows & Performance Highlights

The casinos in Hawkesbury are not just about the games; they are also venues for vibrant live shows and performances. These events range from special themed celebrations, like the "Fang-tastic Halloween," to regular entertainment acts. Featured artists and schedules vary, providing a dynamic lineup that enhances the gaming experience.

Nightlife and Bars: Where to Unwind

After the thrill of the game, guests can unwind in the various nightlife spots and bars located within or near the casinos. From cocktail lounges with live music to bars offering late-night entertainment, there's a venue for every preference. These establishments serve as the perfect spots for a relaxing nightcap or for socializing with fellow visitors.

Staying in Hawkesbury: Accommodations Guide

Hawkesbury welcomes visitors with a diverse range of accommodations, ensuring comfort and convenience for every budget and preference.

Budget-Friendly Stays Near the Casino

For those looking to have a budget-friendly but high quality experience, there are options such as the HAWKESBURY Executive new Apartment and the Hawkesbury new High End 1200sf unit. These accommodations offer the essentials, including free WiFi and convenient locations, allowing guests to enjoy the casino's proximity at an affordable price.

Experience Local Charm: B&Bs and Inns

For a more personalized touch, visitors can choose to stay at local bed and breakfasts like the Abadin Bed and Breakfast or the Cranberry House. These establishments offer unique features, such as contemporary European design and access to the Ottawa River, providing a charming and intimate alternative to traditional hotel stays. Guests can enjoy organic and local food, sumptuous comfort, and the kind of personalized service that only B&Bs and inns can offer.

Beyond Gaming: Exploring Hawkesbury

Exploring Hawkesbury is an absolute must if you're here for more than just the casino culture. The region offers a number of experiences and attractions that showcase its rich history and natural beauty.

Tourist Attractions Near Casinos

Hawkesbury presents a variety of tourist attractions that capture the essence of the region. Historical sites like the Centre Culturel Le Chenail Cultural Centre offer a deep dive into local arts, culture, and heritage. Meanwhile, the L'Orignal Moose Statue stands as a whimsical yet significant landmark, paying tribute to the area's natural and historical roots. These attractions provide a delightful contrast to the gaming scene, allowing visitors to enrich their stay with a touch of local exploration.

Local Events & Festivals Worth Checking Out

Hawkesbury also has a calendar full of local events and festivals. From the jazz afternoons with Didier Chasteau to the musical mosaic presented by Zale Seck, these gatherings are a testament to the region's vibrant community spirit. The events offer a chance to immerse oneself in the local culture and celebrate alongside residents, making for a truly authentic experience.

Shopping and Leisure Spots in Hawkesbury

For those seeking leisure shopping opportunities, Hawkesbury does not disappoint. The town is home to the Hawkesbury Shopping Center, a hub for both local and visiting shoppers. Art enthusiasts can revel in the exclusive collections at Les Tresors de Jacob, an art gallery featuring works from internationally renowned artists. These shopping and leisure spots provide a pleasant diversion for those looking to unwind and indulge in some retail gratification.

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